I have always been able to sense Spirit in whatever form it takes – tree spirits, nature spirits, angelic Beings, Other worldly Beings and of course, human spirits. It hasn’t always been easy or acceptable being a sensitive or channeller. My family felt rather threatened by what I would come out with and so I learned to keep most of it to myself.

However as an adult I thankfully came into contact with more and more people who were not only more open-minded but who were also sensitives. What a gift is was to start to meet more like-minded people. Over the years my guides have gradually changed the way I work with people and with animals. This has been a real education and I have often wondered how they put up with my doubts – they would teach me a particular way of working with Light or with crystals or with people and I would usually say “but that won’t work” – bless them, they have always been proved correct. I think they see me as a wayward child, someone to tolerate with love and compassion. I am so grateful for that.

I am now working with energies I never knew existed and with the guides’ support can trace back a sitter’s past lives, purpose and origin. Sometimes I do feel – “Wow, this is a bit strange even for me”. But on communicating what comes through for the sitter, if they are able to recognise it – then I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I just need to go on trusting in Spirit.  It is a very interesting journey.  


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