Listening to Trees

I have always loved trees and couldn’t imagine living in a World without their presence. I have, for a very long time, believed that there exists a parallel stream of evolution that encompasses a hierarchy of beings who attend to the needs of the Natural World, I now know that this commitment extends to the Human Race also.

My love of trees has grown with each passing season and I decided to write about them after seeing a tree spirit. I am well aware that the notion of trees communicating will, most likely, never be accepted by the majority of people, at least while they remain on this side of life. I do not claim that trees have a language that only I can receive but I believe that the lessons we can learn from each tree species can be absorbed by anyone willing to open themselves up to the energy of the trees in order to benefit from their ageless wisdom.

These communications will differ from person to person but the underlying message will always be the same. Depending on your level of understanding, the words will suit your ability to receive that message. At the end of the book I have outlined how you can link in to the energies of a tree to gain healing, guidance and support. You don’t have to be psychic in order to benefit from the abundance that is present in Nature, you simply need to be willing to open up your mind to the infinite possibilities that exist all around us.



Listening to Trees is available to buy direct from the publishers Capall Bann for £8.95 or from any good book shop.

ISBN number - 186163 112X


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