Sittings and Readings

Postal Readings - working with the energy from your photograph and linking in with your personal guides, we can help you address issues that are holding you back enabling you to move forward with guidance and support helping you to work towards your true purpose. I channel the information that your guides wish you to have in order to help you to progress. please contact Thea at for more information

Telephone Readings and Face to Face sittings – working with Mother Earth, Universal energy and linking in with your guides we will work to clear you of any negativity you may be holding on to, clearing past life blocks and finding a route to your life’s purpose. We also work to enhance your links with your guides to enable you to recognise each one according to their own personal energy signature and gain insight into how and why they support and guide you. This way of working tends to move people forward quite rapidly. please contact Thea at for more information

To make a booking, contact Thea on:

01643 709466


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